Whole House Building Supply

  One of the most asked Tiny House questions is... "Where are you building it?" This is the place!! Whole House Building Supply is a locally owned business selling architectural salvage building supplies in San Mateo. It has been a valuable resource to the Bay Area since 1994, recently moving north from East Palo Alto. Owner Paul Gardner runs a demolition crew that disassembles homes piece by piece that are to be remodeled, renovated or torn down; this saves precious old-growth redwood beams, hardwood floors, appliances, cabinetry & decor that are normally left for the landfill. They also accept donations from other contractors & visitors (on approval only!!) The warehouse is full of lumber, windows, doors, toilets, bathtubs and all sorts of odds & ends for your building project. The Company organizes "Demolition Sales" which are like estate sales but instead of selling the furnishings, fixtures are sold; doors, windows, flooring.. even the kitchen sink ......  Be sure to sign up on the Demo Sales email list to be notified of upcoming sales & listings! (Click link at bottom of the page.) http://www.driftwoodsalvage.com/                  This is also a great place for artists & gardeners!! Handmade planter boxes & small shelves made from salvaged lumber make a great edition to the backyard. You can even have one custom made to fit a specific spot on your patio! The Book & Art Room is a favorite place of mine to hang out in the shop. There are shelves with donated art books & exhibit programs from museums across the Bay as well as how-to manuals on the likes of needlepoint & woodworking from the 1970's. Old ribbon, small tiles, random frames at various sizes fill this room ~ you'll never know what you'll find! WHBS also sells door-panels at standard & custom sizes that make great canvases! So, if you're an artists who is looking to use recycled materials in your work ~ this is the place to shop!  
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