Installing the Windows

We got a lot done this week! I was on vacation from work so we both put in long days to enclose & insulate the house. Aaron finished up the sheathing on the loft, installed the front door & had some help from Paul to install the windows. I spent most of the week adding the first layer of insulation to the walls with Insulfoam & (many) cans of spray foam to fill in the cracks. I also worked as the errand girl; handing tools up to the roof & making supply runs - mostly in the form of foam, food & caffeine! It's incredible. It's really starting to feel like a house. When Aaron was building the walls & blocking out the window openings back in March, we became concerned that the windows we had bought we're too large for the space, that it would look unbalanced. But now, having them installed in the house, they are the perfect size. They offer a nice amount of natural light to come into the rooms, which was an important feature for both of us; even though they are a bit larger in scale than one would expect in a Tiny House, we feel they are a beautiful fit & a nice proportion to the of rest of the house. I love how the shapes in the Marvin windows & front door balance one another out; the Marvin also has a fancy handle on the window sill that folds in when you are finished opening or closing it. The large window in the kitchen, which we bought at Whole House, is dual pane and has hand-crafted wavy glass installed in it. As I stood in front of that window, opening it slowly & for the first time, I became giddy with anticipation to wash these windows. I've never felt like that before! Seriously. Excited. Windows of my very own to wash. Sweet!      
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  1. Valerie in Colorado says:

    Just found your blog via your You Tube video. Really enjoying it! Looks like it is really coming along nicely! Thanks for blogging~

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