Watching the pieces come together…

I am actually quite surprised at how big the space feels now that the walls are up & it’s all enclosed – minus the back door, of course, which is a work in progress. It feels like the amount of space I was expecting it to be, 8′ x 18′, yet it doesn’t feel too confined, which was what I was expecting…. does that make sense?

We’ve slowly adjusted each time the boundaries of the house have been re-defined. Whether it be the actual size of the trailer bed after the JobBox was cut off or after the subfloor was complete; when the framed walls were raised, installed, then sheathed, or the roof being added & sheathed, etc… We’ve each reacted differently to the amount of space created as we’ve made progress on the house.

So I am happy (and a bit surprised) to report that the inside dimensions of the space, created when the windows & front door were installed & the loft enclosed, actually feels quite nice. I was worried that would be the moment it felt too small to live in. To my relief, I felt quite the opposite. Standing inside the small enclosed space, bathed in the natural light, I was comforted by the coziness I felt; by the thought of preparing meals in our kitchen, of waking up in the morning to the smell of giant Redwoods in our yard, of having movie nights for our family & friends to watch movies projected on the side of the Tiny House. I am eager for that life; to continue on the path of simplifying my life & making space for what is most important.

Aaron, who has seen his work space go from an flat, open-air platform to 8×18 dark, enclosed shed where he tends to loose more “counter space” to put his tools as we progress – ie: window openings & wall supports – tends to feel a bit less comforted by the amount of space currently available…







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