Bathroom walls & loft

One of the most important areas of the house for us was the bathroom. We really wanted a bathtub and considered them at all sizes (even up to 72" long as there was whirlpool tub available at WHBS at a great price!) Once we got a grip on how big the space was going to be, we dropped down to 60" tub, which would take up as much space as most Tiny House bathrooms! We finally settled on the 46 1/2" tub. It's large enough to bathe & shower in without feeling claustrophobic and gave us an extra foot of closet space in the hallway! How incredible is that!! Getting the bathroom walls up facilitated 2 things: the height of the sleeping loft & the room left over for the kitchen & living space/office. Even though we've made numerous drawings to scale, we realized that we need to throw them all out and fit all the appliances in where there is room for them. It's Tetris for real life. The ceiling is insulated in the loft and the radiant barrier is attached - next step is to install 3" cedar panels. The panels were salvaged from a job Aaron worked on over 2 years ago where he took out accordion doors in an apartment remodel; he knew they would come in handy someday!      
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