Paneling the Ceiling

Aaron has been working hard, finishing up the insulation on the walls and getting the cedar panels up on the ceiling. This is the first of the interior to go up... the first pieces of the construction process that gives us a visual on what the Tiny House will look like on the inside. I love all the lines created from the cherry-stained panels, 2x4's and spray foam; from the textured redwood beams holding up the roof and the roughed cut white reclaimed beams holding up the loft. There have been so many layers laid down to create this space from the sub-floor on up. It's been intriguing to watch the patterns emerge only to be covered up again by another layer. Soon the 1/4" white oak paneling reclaimed from a local convent will cover the 2x4's and Insulfoam, creating a whole new visual of the interior. Our friend Jesse stopped by to check on our progress. He and his wife, Kate have taken major steps to simplify their lives from growing their own food and brewing their own beer, shopping local and using public transportation/bikes/feet to get around the Bay Area. He's even let go of the need for a cell phone! They've been quite inspirational and supportive to Aaron and I through this process & we look forward to brewing some beer with them in the near future!
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