Paneling the interior (bathroom walls included!)

I can't believe it! We have paneling on the walls & trim on the windows! The 1/4" white oak ply paneling came from the living quarters of the Church of the Nativity in Menlo Park, as did the oak trim and window sills. Once the paneling was up, Aaron was eager to start on the bathroom walls; the only 2 interior walls in the place, giving structure & strength to the sleeping loft above. He bought the 3/8" tough & groove spruce paneling with 5 time-dollars.... or hours of labor. Time-dollars are an alternative way to exchange hours of work for a product or service; instead of using dollar-dollars, you donate your time to something you enjoy doing (helping with a gardening project, giving a cooking or sewing lesson) and you'll receive 'time-dollars' to use on all sorts of goodies (massage, hypnotherapy, permaculture consultation, a plumber). The Bay Area Community Exchange ( is an excellent example of individuals coming together to build upon each others talents and in doing so, have created a vibrant community & economy. Good Stuff!  
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