The Largest Tiny House Bathroom on the Planet

Did I mention we have a bathtub!? We feel quite fortunate to have a 46 1/2" bathtub & a beautiful pedestal sink in our home; the bathtub was a special order from a large unnamed construction-trades corporation & the sink came in as a donation at Whole House! Isn't it pretty? Aaron concentrated on getting all the plumbing installed into the wall this past week. This is almost as exciting as having electricity! (Oh! did I mention? We have electricity!) The toilet will be a 17 * 19" cube that will sit to the left of the sink (when you're facing the sink) and will be built sometime in the near future. Stay tuned! We're still not sure how we did it. How did we get away with such a large bathroom without cutting too much space out of our living area? Most Tiny House bathrooms are the size of a standard bathtub (if that) and the toilet is made to get wet as it shares the shower space. But this design worked well on paper and seems to have worked out well in reality, so far... I guess we'll know for sure when we start building the interior of the kitchen and great room. We're a bit concerned the additional space will be cut out of our closet / storage space. Guess I should take another look at my wardrobe and see what else I can let go of. Here are some photos of the bathroom as it progresses...
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