Made a year end video…

If you want the world to change radically overnight, stop watching corporate media and start exploring creative commons and alternate forms of entertainment ... it's actually really simple... the instant that you turn it all off and start listening to your friends and neighbors instead of "professionals" ... well ... you wake up in an entirely different world. Yeah .. it's pretty impossible .. and I am a great big hypocrite ..... after joining the throngs of my fellow americans in our shared cultural institution of "shopping" this holiday season ... I will be going to the theaters to catch the latest "Hobbit" Movies. I feel it is worthwhile to explore alternatives to mainstream entertainment. is a great place to catch some great talks and musical performances. has a huge collection of movies and music in the public domain... Not ready to give up all your favorite movies and TV shows and become "that guy who lives under a rock"? that's ok! Try turning off the TV for a week or a month ... you can still buy that CD or new movie after the month is over, but in the meantime you become exposed to some fresh ideas and voices and might find some alternatives that grasp your attention for a long-term ... even after your "media fast" is over. also ... you may find that you become more attentive and have more energy... you may find that you concentration is improved. You may find yourself thinking more deeply about the Value of the media we consume.
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  1. Tami says:

    You used a Marvin window! 🙂 I grew up where those are made. Great video!

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