Taking Steps to Simplify My Path

Joyful Solstice Wishes to you all! In Honor of the Darkest Night and the Sun's Return to us again, I am looking back over the past few months and reflecting on lessons learned... The following paragraphs - slightly edited - came from emails I wrote to a couple of friends as I stopped participating in the local Occupy group we were working with in the Bay Area. We're still strong supporters of what ORWC is doing and a few of us hope to carry on with some of the activities we enjoyed most, such as the Really, Really Free Market. I heard the voice in my head for many, many weeks before I started listening. "You won't be able to take care of others if you don't take care of yourself first." It wasn't until I shut down physically & emotionally before I was able to let go and trust the need to rest, find a bit of balance and deepen my experience with those closest to my heart. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Dear friend,

After living with this decision for over a week now, I am confident I am moving in the right direction. I need to focus on myself & my health by developing a regular yoga and meditation practice, putting time and effort into connecting with friends and family and by being more mindful and grateful to what is in my life. I've lost track of all of that...

By building and blogging about the house, we are connecting to the larger Tiny House network, all of whom relate to these issues and are doing something in direct response to them. I want to put my time, energy and passion there. We also have a great opportunity to connect to the larger Resilience & Transition Networks who are doing amazing work to build beloved community. There are opportunities to write, to participate, and to create projects that are beneficial and rewarding. There are so many positive things going on in my life that I don't want to miss out on them anymore.

... I took the opportunity to bow out (somewhat) gracefully and take some time for myself. It's been wonderful. I've been cooking more, going to bed early, reading about living with less & taking better care of myself, running errands and (trying) to keep up with friends & family. Through the stress of the occupy stuff, i started to awaken to what is most important to me at this point in my life. And how necessary it is to find ways to incorporate those people & things into my life. Going home brought these thoughts on too. Life's too short to be stressed out all the time. Funny thing is that by slowing down and doing less, I'm actually getting more stuff done. And I'm enjoying myself!


It's been a couple of months now and looking back, I know I made the best decision for my creativity & overall well-being. I've been taking care to rest on the weekends & long holiday breaks and I am starting to feel a renewed sense of myself and my path. I feel much more confident & empowered to do all that it is that I want to accomplish in the coming weeks and months ahead (although, right now... the house is still top priority!)

These photos were taken early last summer at San Gregorio State Beach along Hwy 1. As we drove out of suburbia and through the forest, we found ourselves in the exact place we needed to be. It was a space that gave us a much needed break from organizing, protesting & working on the house. Aaron still felt the urge to build, so began forming a balanced structure log by log. It was quite therapeutic for him as it gave his mind a rest from all the tiny details involved our in building our structurally-sound, road-worthy home. As he stacked, I wondered around with my camera, quite soothed by the deep focus I found through the lens as the ocean waves crashed onto the shore behind me.




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