St. Valentines Day

A love letter from the universe... telling me exactly what I want to hear? Imagine that! IMG_0507   And today I received a Valentine's Day surprise from Aaron... IMG_0493 Yay! The kitchen sink is in! I can't believe how far we've come OR how close we are to being finished. Having the kitchen roughed out really gives it a sense of being almost complete! He also built some shelving in the great room & installed a roll-out shelving unit next to the bathroom. It's been a blast finding the secret hiding spots for small-space storage solutions; long, skinny drawers under cabinets, shallow shelves between 2x4s, and deep shelves that fill up space between appliances and structures. We've been amazed at how much space there seems to be for storage! Hopefully we'll feel the same way once we start going through all our stuff packed away in boxes... Thank you for all the memories thus far... it's been an incredible journey, Aaron Castle! I love you. IMG_0499IMG_0495IMG_0496IMG_0497  
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