Happy 23rd!

IMG_2445 A year ago today, Aaron brought the trailer home from A&B Trailer Hitch in Redwood City. It's incredible to think that our house was only a flatbed utility trailer just 12 months ago and today it has plumbing installed! In the same amount of time, the folks next door filled up nearly 3/4 of the block - once the property of the San Mateo Times - with "people barns", complete with streets, garages and lamp posts. The project may have provided quite a few construction jobs, but it is definitely not an option in affordable housing. What we've found encouraging (and empowering) is the amount of Tiny Houses that have popped up over the past year or so, all over the country - and the world!  Check out the Tiny House Map to see who is going small and where they are living (make sure to zoom all the way out.) It's hard to say if we're just noticing it more because we're paying attention or if like-mind people are starting to come forward, in real time, with a viable option for living lighter on the planet. I imagine it's a little of both. Either way, there are a lot of Tiny Houses being built around the world! How exciting is that!? Also exciting... Aaron put the cork floor in this past week. It's so pretty. Photos to come... IMG_2453 IMG_2466IMG_2478 aaron th and people barns
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