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Finally! Photos of the cork floor. I promised those over a month + ago! I apologize for the delay; it's been a wild ride! Without further ado...   IMG_0590 Oooohh.... Aahhhh. What do you think? I love it. Aaron is very protective of it. I am happy to report that I was not the first person to drop something sharp or heavy onto it's surface. I was sad for him, but relieved it wasn't me. Is that bad?? The past couple months have been pretty full finishing up as much as we could on the house for the party and the upcoming move. So, as you may (or not) have noticed, I haven't been blogging much, which is sad as I had some great momentum after Tammy's Writing in the Digital Age class in February.  But I've received some wonderful feedback from those reading the blog and appreciate your thoughts and encouragement. Over the past few months, I've come to really enjoy it... even if I don't do it as often as I'd like. What have we been filling the hours of our days with (the 16 hours days, you ask)? Aaron laid the cork flooring, started creating shelves for the kitchen, refinished the redwood door (side door) & installed the antique window in it - it's beautiful! He installed the water heater, rewired the electrical box, built our individual closets, and the utility closet, which is one of my favorite features in the house.  The clothes closet walls are actually made out of closet doors, hinges still attached. Our friend, Jan, built and installed shelving in the utility closet and painted the inside of the side door. I made (well, it was more of an experiment in re-fab) and hung curtains on 1/2" dowels and got started on the cushion cover to sit on top of the cedar chest. I look forward to tiling the counter top for the stove this weekend. I must get the rest of the curtains up before moving day! Aaron, with help from Eddie, moved the house onto the street for the House Warming Party, which is where it sat for a week as we recovered from all the excitement and long days of projects. In order to protect our home as it sat on the street, we got our first taste of actually living in it. We'll just say it was... a fun (& exhausting) week.  We were both quite relieved when it was back home in the alley. Where to next?? We'll be rolling out of town soon... more details to come! IMG_0638IMG_0561 IMG_0647IMG_0668 IMG_0667IMG_0582 IMG_0324 IMG_0612 IMG_0683IMG_0648   IMG_0656IMG_0676  
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  1. I am currently working on building my tiny house and have found your blog to be an inspiration. Thank you for sharing!

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