SJ Mercury News Article Wow! we appeared in the Home and Garden section of the SJ Merc today! My comments were made along-side a pretty solid line-up of "up-cycling" artists and salvage industry professionals interviewed. A huge thank-you to Kathryn Pritchett for researching and writing the story, I worked here at Whole House today and we made lots of new friends today thanks to your work!!! People were talking about the article and many took a peek at the tiny cabin on the side of the road here. A couple minor corrections... The website is mostly Candace.. although I do post from time to time 🙂 I am a peninsula resident and not a south bay resident :s The Canander rolling cabin is a modest 139 sqft and not the palatial 196 listed XD I picked up 3/8"x3 1/4" solid spruce waynescoating at 35 cents per lineal foot. The ply paneling was removed from the convent chapel and library at the Church of the Nativity in Menlo Park. When the paneling failed to sell at the demolition sale, I was offered the material for free. still working on the St Patricks days thankyous and a play-by-play. In Gratitude to all who reduce, re-use, recycle, and read the printed news. May we all add refurbish, repair, and repurpose to the reportoire. sorry for poor spelling and grammar... spellcheck malfunction
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