St. Paddy’s Day Celebration: Thank You


The party was amazing!  A huge Thank You to all who came out to celebrate with us on St. Paddy's Day. We were blown away at the turnout, and despite requesting that nobody bring gifts, we received many gifts that could be eaten, burned, or drunk... which are perfect for us! ... Our friends really do know how to shop for tiny house dwellers... we never thought to ask for wine, incense, candles, spices, gift cards and preserved jellies! Too many to thank here for your thoughtfulness!

Special thanks are due to Eddie for shopping, cooking, setting up, and cleaning up... as well as Carolyn who brought the amazing soup, Sue who also helped us shop, Mary who brought the Colcannon and cooked the Field Roast to perfection and Paul for providing a space for us all to eat, drink, and be merry. Our deepest gratitude to our dear friend and minister, Rev. Julia, who officiated the blessing of the house (& us) with rosemary and water from the Water Communion/Ceremony at the UUFRC. It was great to see so many members of our community get behind us as we were inundated with love, positive wishes, song and UUFRC holy water!

We do have a couple of Minor injuries to report. Firstly, Candace was struck twice in the face with projectiles; the first being a Guiness Black bottle cap and the second being a stale miniature marshmallow (don’t ask... she is still a little sensitive about that.) Believe it or not, the marshmallow hurt more. Our friend, Mark got a splinter through his finger that was so large it could be described as a toothpick. Sue jammed her finger early in the day, and by late evening her hand was swollen to the size of a softball.

The list of people to thank is really too long... so many people came over the last year to help out on the house that I can’t even remember them all. So many things wouldn’t have gotten done unless I had help doing them.

A huge thanks to all who took pictures and are still mailing them! We are struggling to get it all arranged for this post... and will probably be adding pictures to this post for over a year as we sort out the email chaos. M.C. and Erika... Paul... and all those who end up sending more 🙂

Our friend, Meagan of “Bake Today, Revolution Tomorrow” deserves a thanks for the vegan and gluten free chocolate goodies that were distributed.

And thanks to Bev and Tom, Whole House Building Supply now has a 2013 calendar in the bathroom ... the 2011 Outhouse Calendar has been removed.

This was the first time we had the house out on the street and were able to walk around and see the house from all angles. So, for those who have been asking... full length photos of the house are to follow! IMG_0689IMG_2485 IMG_2487IMG_2489 IMG_0708IMG_0712 IMG_0706IMG_0710IMG_2469 IMG_4279 IMG_4379IMG_4399IMG_4393IMG_4268
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