A Big Day for Tiny

caravan-tiny-house-hotel http://www.tinyhousehotel.com/ Portland, OR. further cemented it's Status among the hip cities this month when our Countries' very first "Tiny House Hotel" opened for business in the Aberta Arts District. Some might disregard this event as an anomaly that "keeps the town weird"... 5848094528_2b09b962c0 and I certainly wouldn't argue against the weirdness of Portland... A town where Tall Bicycle Jousting does not require a release of liability waiver, and emergency medical care is defined as "two shots of jack Daniels administered regardless of consciousness" by the organizers of the event 5872103165_800c83534f_z Weirdness aside... I consider the Opening of the "Caravan Motor Hotel" to be a major milestone for the "Tiny House Movement." From here on out, people will walk into banks, or approach private investors with solid business plans that have been tried, tested, and found viable. Food Trucks Provide a great example. What food trucks? you may ask ... well .. they are coming soon to a city near you... at first it was "weird" to build a Gourmet food truck ... but now ... IMG_5862 Yeah ... "Roach Coaches" have been around for over a century now in one form or another... the essence being a mobile kitchen designed to cater to work crews. A tragic life to be the butt of jokes about poor sanitation and bad taste.... balls the cooking of local feral wildlife.... roadkill and the harvesting of human organs for export... chairman-bao but in case you haven't heard... Food Trucks are now "In." ku-xlarge These trucks are serving a variety of foods and fusion foodstuffs, with menus as diverse as an entire cities' food offerings condensed to one parking lot. The point that I am trying to make is that people are walking into banks and meetings with private investors to get loans to buy or build food-trucks.... because they are profitable. http://photos.oregonlive.com/photo-essay/2013/08/tiny_house_hotel_opens_in_port.html And people are flocking to the Caravan... to live in under 100 sqft at $125/night Maybe the novelty will wear off and this business will crumble... (or at least end up towing it's major assets somewhere else) I don't think so, though. I think they will set the stage by which we judge our own success. There isn't "more to life" than just doing what you need to do to get by... there's less to life than you might think. It seems to me that the more I let go of, the better off I am... physically, emotionally, spiritually... financially ... Try to den up for a night in a tiny house on wheels... you just might wake up in the next county over ... or ... just maybe ... you will wake up in an entirely new world. http://earthfix.opb.org/communities/article/worlds-first-tiny-house-hotel-in-portland-gets-a-g/ http://shine.yahoo.com/healthy-living/worlds-first-tiny-house-hotel-opens-portland-185200077.html http://inhabitat.com/caravan-hotel-uss-first-tiny-house-hotel-opens-in-portland/ http://www.mnn.com/your-home/remodeling-design/blogs/try-tiny-house-living-on-for-size-at-portlands-newest-hotel To all that came before us: thanks for the inspiration. To all that come behind us: have a good build.
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  1. Adam Murray says:

    Video: http://youtu.be/vMg3Y9x3-5Y

    Hi! We’ve just launched Tiny House Shows, a videos series that mashes up the musical talents of the Pacific Northwest with the unconventional thinkers and tinkerers behind the tiny house movement. We thought you might like it (and hope you’ll give us your feedback and suggestions!), so we’re sending you the premiere episode.

    “We” is the partnering of Hippo Campus Collective (an arts & community nonprofit) and Brighthouse Films (a video production team serving the arts and nonprofits). Our goal is to showcase local music while exploring the stories and perspectives of the tiny house community. Each short video accomplishes this by pairing commentary from a tiny house owner with music performed live in their tiny house.

    In this first episode, the Shook Twins perform “Toll Free” at Caravan, Portland’s so-called Tiny House Hotel.

    Please don’t hesitate to give us some feedback or request more information, pictures, etc.

    shooktwins.com Touring Sept. 13 – Oct. 26 through NW/Central/SE states
    tinyhousehotel.com Caravan, as featured in CNN, Fox News, numerous tiny house blogs, etc.

  2. Jesse M. says:

    Are there any tiny house communities out in the country somewhere? Btw, I really love your quote about there not being more to life than doing what one needs to get by. You are a beautiful person.

  3. Tara says:

    Wow I cannot believe this is really true – they probably wouldn’t bother someone living in a camper trailer or RV….

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