Groundbreaking, also known as cutting, sod-cutting, turning the first sod or a sod-turning ceremony, is a traditional ceremony in many cultures that celebrates the first day of construction for a building or other project. Such ceremonies are often attended by dignitaries such as politicians and businessmen. The actual shovel or spade used during the actual groundbreaking is often a special ceremonial shovel meant to be saved for subsequent display. Commemorative information may be subsequently engraved on the shovel.

It qualifies as a groundbreaking even though no ground was actually broken. There was no real ceremony, but a couple business persons were on hand. We decided to remove some extraneous metal (the jobox, ramps, cleats) and just a little bit of the deck to shed as many pounds as possible... we figured this was as close to breaking ground as it gets with this endeavor. Some of the decking was set aside for a second life as a flower box 🙂 We transformed this equipment hauling trailer into a foundation for our home in two days ... long ... days.  I sustained injury when the angle grinder delivered a glancing blow across my forehead.  The girls made me lay down and hold a rag on my head. Candace ended up removing most of the deck while I remained busy trying to keep from leaking.             My job was to use the ratchet to remove the screws from every other board of the trailer deck and cut them out with the Sawzall. This is our first step in making the trailer as light as possible before we start building the sub-floor on top of it. Just to make sure I was cutting the right boards, I marked each of them with an "X" ~ can't screw up the foundation!
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