The salvage gods were looking kindly upon us

SALVAGE SCORE! We were meandering back to the shop yesterday after lunch when we came across an RDS box at a local demo site. We talked to the guys working inside who were happy to have us lighten their load. We were happy to lessen the ecological footprint while gaining valuable materials for our Tiny House! We originally thought there wasn't much, but enough came out for two wall sections! Back to Whole House Building Supply to take the nails out. Even though we were just down the street, we were very thankful for the roller cart. No fossil fuels used to transport this material. One problem we will be faced with at the end of the Age of Empire is how we will manage the waste we create. Fortunately, we won't have the resources to consume at our current rate, so we won't have to worry too much about getting rid of things and it won't be a problem. As economic collapse sets in, waste will build up. Our interests will primarily be in protecting the point of sale economy; getting rid of post-consumer product waste will become a bit lower of a priority as it will become too costly. It's already starting to happen. Getting rid of stuff is expensive. Contractors are eager to have people to help with disposal. This creates an infrastructure for creative re-use. As the system starts to stress I predict our consumption habits will continue longer than our ability and capacity for inexpensive transport and disposal. The Kibera squatter community in Nairobi is a pretty good example, the entire shanty city is delineated by an eight foot wall of garbage.             De-nailing 2x4s: A Meditative Experience? It really is...I guess 2x4's are about $2 each on current market ... plus a couple of dollars for the gas to pick em up. so .. I got about twenty, eight-foot two by fours... which took me some 4 hours to clean up.  Many people might consider this to be a waste of time, considering I could have just bought the materials. This lumber is over superior quality to what is available on the current market. It has already fully dried so I won't have to worry about warping, and it keeps the weight down.
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  1. I think you did good, and did well. Materials being kept out of the landfill helps everyone. And the wood you salvaged *is* better. Keep up the good work.

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