Where do you park a Tiny House?

I just posted this to nextdoor.com . Do you think it will get flagged as inappropriate? Candace and I have lived in our Self-Built Tiny House on Wheels here in Friendly Acres for the Past Two Years, and I was born and raised in Redwood City. Our house is currently situated in the backyard of our dear friend who passed away earlier this Summer. We will have to move the Tiny House at the end of the year, and are looking for a location to live in it for the next 1-2 years starting as early as January. Our tiny house is very energy efficient to be sure, but not off grid, so we would need access to a hose spigot and sewer clean-out or bathroom, and electricity for any location where we would use the house as a dwelling for longer than a week. If used as for living quarters, we can offer a modest cash rent, and landscaping, gardening, domestic, domestic care, or handyman services and are looking for a community minded individual, family, or co-housing group who would benefit from such an arrangement. While technically not a legal dwelling Redwood City proper, the only restriction I can find in SM County municipal codes on dwelling in an RV in unincorporated county is that the occupant have the permission of the landowner. We are currently (illegally) within Redwood City. Prior to moving our house to it's current (illegal) location we discussed these matters with the neighbors and felt comfortable enough to risk living in such a tentative way because of the openness and goodwill of our immediate surrounding neighbors. This is a complaint based system of enforcement, in the two years that we have been in redwood city, we have found that Friendly Acres has indeed been quite friendly, and we offer our current neighbors as references to our quiet and simple lifestyle. Sometimes I think people are only sad to see us go because we only have one car. We would like to remain in Redwood City, but in the likely event that we are unable to find a suitable location to use our home as a dwelling, there are no restrictions on storing our trailer on a paved driveway, or in a side or backyard, so we are also looking for a potential short term storage solution to our problem. If you are curious about this at all, please reach out here, or at aaron@canander.com or give me a call at 650 898 4058 The "Tiny House Movement" is a diffuse network of individuals whose interests in the subject range from economic, ecological, social, spiritual, and aesthetic... and if you are interested in Tiny Houses for any of these reasons feel free to reach out to because I can likely connect you with resources relevant to your personal sensibilities. We maintain a personal blog about the Tiny House at www.canander.com driveway2  
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