My Demand letter to Public Storage

Feb 27: Mystery Trailer Owner Arrives at Delaware Ave Location and rents trailer parking spot P010 from acting sales manager. Acting Sales Manager Directs New Customer to Unit P004. Corporate Policy dictates that Mystery Trailer owner see unit and determine it’s suitability. New Customer Moves mystery Trailer into spot and in doing so knocks the mirror off of the adjacent trailer. Mystery Trailer owner is supposed to be in Unit P010 March 1: True lessee of Unit P004 arrives and complains that Mystery Trailer is in unit P004. March 3rd: Site manager arrives from weekend and notifies district manager of situation with mystery trailer. Upon inspection can’t see License or vin and mirror has been broken on RV in spot P003. District manager informs site manager to tow. Tow company is informed of Mystery Mirror Breaking Trailer and will come out the next day. Site Manager is to get surveillance video of broken mirror incident March 4th: Tow Truck Driver arrives to remove Mystery Mirror Breaking Machine and in attempting to do so causes extensive Damage to Mystery Trailer as well as RV in Spot P003. Site Manager sees License plate and Identifies New Customer by records. Site manager confirms Mystery Mirror Breaking Machine Owner was shown the wrong Unit number by acting sales Manager. Site Manager tells Tow Driver to Park Mystery Mirror Machine back into Unit P004. Tells driver Damage done to RV in Spot P003 by his incompetence will be scapegoated to mystery machine owner via surveillance footage. Site Manager informs district manager and district manager informs regional. True lessee of spot P004 is asked to continue parking across diagonals in back lot for another week. Nobody thinks to call me. It is known at all levels that I am a customer. March 10th: There has been no sign of Mystery Machine owner, and no word from RV owner of Spot P003. Site manager Puts handwritten 24 hour notice to tow on Mystery Machine and calls tow company to remove on 11th. March 11th:Tow Truck Driver takes mystery machine and Tow Company begins process of lien sale on Items Valued under $4000. Mystery Machine is insured for the value of $30,000, but this paperwork as well as all records containing to New Customers Property is deleted from the system per order of Regional Manager. New Customer Account remains open and no attempt to contact new customer has been made by Site Manager, District Manager, and Regional Manager. At this point My account is current to date, I have a Parking unit with no vehicle or insurance info, my property has been siezed and is being held ransom. It's my Birthday. Public Storage has not contacted me once. Not a single person seems to have a problem with this March 18th: Tow Company mails 2 notices of pending lien sale for vehicle valued $4000 or less with an auction date of 4/18 March 20: Mystery Mirror Breaking Machine owner receives Notices of lien sale and begins conducting an investigation. Former New Customer travels in the evening to visually inspect Public Storage Facility. True Lessee is in spot P004. The RV in spot P003 has had it’s cover ripped and taped up. Former New Customer visits Abel towing and gets a visual Magical Mystery Mirror Breaking Machine to see why it is suddenly valued less than $4,000. There's damage. March 21: Mystery Mirror Busting Machine begins preliminary interviews of occupants overlooking site where Mirror Breaking Mystery Machine had enjoyed a brief respite before once again experiencing the fear of loss, theft, and willful negligent disregard for the sum total of all his labor since 2012. My last remaining asset: a vehicle built from garbage. Former new customer learns that the tow truck driver had been out twice that week. His property had been bumped up against the property of the adjacent vehicle by a tow company with a reputation only slightly better than his own. This is when I learn a man who can't drive a tow truck towed my magical mystery mirror busting house. Good thing his job is kicking people when they are down, because he excels at this. March 22: Recover house: Tow Truck Driver then informs me that the police are looking for my trailer. I am asked “how so?” Tow truck driver then tells me that I had put giant scratches all the way down the side of the hundred thousand dollar RV and knocked the mirror clean off. Tow truck driver also gloats that there is surveillance camera footage of the incident. With malice this man is describing the very damage he had done in his failed attempt at removing my house trailer and I can’t tell if he is overjoyed because he thinks he isn’t going to get caught for it, or that I am going to get blamed for his boobery. The man goes on to tell me how close I was to that RV when he arrived on the 11th that he could barely put his arm between the vehicles. You hearing this mom? I look over... yep... she's hearing it. He's saying things that are true and repeating lies he's been told and each one is crystal clear at revealing more of the story On March 22: Police station is locked. I try to enlist professional assistance and policeman hears my story and advises I get a civil attorney. He leaves before I can ask to borrow a couple grand. Oh snap! Ill remember next time March 23. I arrive at the last minute of business hours at the delaware location and the young man behind the counter and I review the notes in the system for unit p003 p004 and p010. Wow ... this is big ... “I don’t know what to do” I instruct him to call them all and let them know I am very eager to talk with them. And Site manager too. But I intend to visit site manager in the morning. He totally goes above and beyond. says he will stay late. Nah .. I got all I need...unless you want to start printing these out for me I joke. And you see what’s wrong here, Right? pointing at my customer unit notes. Yeah ... nobody ever called you. That’s exactly it. Lost the notes I had with that guys name in them. March 23. 10pm I send an email to district manager. He probably will get an earful from Site manager too. March 24. the second I see Site manager I freak out. I have a million things to say. they all come out at once ... my mother, witness (co-detective) and I argue. I have slept 3 hours since receiving the notice of lein sale I’m going wacky. I’m trying to explain that I know that it was his Idea to put the house back in spot 004 and the reason he did it was because of loyalty to the company, and because it could be too risky and I could show up any time and that he acted in the interest of the company. That was a fucking great Idea it showed creativity and this type of storytelling and braggadocio feeds the contractors that service public storage far more than the extortion and abandoned forgotten material gains of folks pushed to the margins. People should fucking pay money to hear stories like that, and then to drive away in possession of somehow lawfully stolen property. Tow truck driver enjoyed the money for sure, and I am really hoping that a lawyer will come along and get it back for her. Most importantly, site manager saw right into the heart of these people and told them an amazing story. I wanted to meet him... I wanted him to tell me a story about who I was... But regional made me disappear. ... especially since that customer’s property had just been mistakenly mistreated by random carelessness of an outside contractor... But he did it to protect the company and any company would be lucky to have him. He wove a tale of a true storyteller to save my property. It was a big fucking risk and the guy deserves promotion for that. Maybe he should have hid it away from the District Manager and figured out how to handle my service complaint, and maybe he should have Kept District in the loop. Either way.... the fewer people in the know about the situation, the better. But you also had to admire the guys respect for his superior. Either way... it was definitely the wrong move for district to pass the buck. Site manager deserves a promotion... but ... at the end he lets my property go ... and for that... I’m extremely mad and trying to explain to him that this resulted in Public Storage becoming a conspirator in Extortion. He placed the needs of someone the company pays for services above the needs of the most important person to a company. A new customer. He might have shown the same initiative in the next week. I would have fucking been grateful. I want him to make a statement... I’m saying I will not leave until you sign this Im trying to make a metaphor... Im thinking like a criminal so I know what a criminal wants and will act and I will use my criminal connections to make criminal charges... because what happened ended up a crime.... the ritalin is finally kicking in. The guy starts to feel threatened when I say Ill make my criminal connections show him how to suffer while hes in jail, but that's not quite how I meant to say it. except what I’m trying to say is that Extortion is gaining money or property by means of threatening harm or loss... legally speaking just like I’m saying I want him to sign a statement or else ... I’m now extorting him. But it's the legalese of extortion. This is technically what you need to demonstrate in order to establish an extortion has occurred... but he is in a criminal business then. Why get a storage unit? He is in the business of gaining money or property. I will be a loyal customer and I will never go. You will have to call the cops to let me go see... it’s a matter of loyalty... When you show loyalty to me and my property then I won’t even look for other storage options and you almost had me... The police arrive and nobody is getting what I’m saying... and All I’m trying to say is that when a person or a corporation willfully disregards the property of a customer and knowingly becomes a party to criminal extortion and then relies on a public agency to remove the customer instead of trying to make it right then I get the one thing that I will need to demonstrate oppression in a civil extortion case against a really large corporation making decisions at a pretty high level to gain money and property by threatening to cause harm or loss. And if I am going to be seeking punitive damages from these people I need to demonstrate Malice, Oppression, or Fraud. I can't demonstrate malice... they all seemed to be looking around at eachother trying to do what was next... I have no evidence of fraud because it will all disappear. Then how can I demonstrate oppression? I live in a Magical Mystery Mirror Breaking Trailer is in constant threat of being impounded by the police. I take my eyes off of it for two weeks after I have entrusted it to an organization to protect and care for it and find out that on my birthday that organization then hands it over to it’s business partners ... who are quite possibly the most awful people I have ever encountered... bragging straight to my face about how I am going to have to pay for the damage he did to another vehicle while failing completely in a brilliant attempt to drive a tow truck. Then after handing over $1600 to this goon fucking tweedle dumber next to him is demanding my insurance info after I backed into a workvan that subsequently left. no. And I need the police to arrest this man who is definitely guilty of theft and a party to extortion and instead I'm told by a Police officer that her partner advised me not to come here because I needed a civil attorney while handing me the very thing a civil attorney will need to present in court to demonstrate opression. an OFFICIAL NOTICE of Disorderly Conduct / Illegal Lodging for coming to a buisness where my account is paid and current to find out how it was that my property came to be stolen and then subsequently used as leverage in an extortion scheme by two of the most unpleasant people you could ever hope to never come across again. A civil Matter? I need an attorney? Don't the three facts speak for themselves? My account was current and up to Date. I was parked in the spot shown me by the sales manager. I was never notified.
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