Window Shopping

Today we went shopping for windows at Whole House Building Supply. There were a lot to choose from, but since our structure is a bit smaller than the homes these windows came out of, we needed to do some careful measurements. We fell in love with the Marvin & have been inspired to paint the rest of the trim on the house to match.

Almost everything we found was high-end custom product, most likely ordered in the wrong size at the previous job site. (Oops! Measure twice, cut once!) They all look to be under 10 years old; all are wood frame, dual glazed (a must!), true divided light, & low e. The exception is the 11″x33″ vinyl fixed window we bought for the shower/bath (which is dual pane safety glass) and the lemon wedge window for above the entry. It’d dual glazed with narrow-lines but has steel frame. We figure the total bill for all the windows was the retail price of the Marvin itself! It pays to re-use & shop local!! Especially with an employee discount ;)




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