Maiden Voyage / Occupy Saltworks

We took our work in progress for her maiden voyage today. Paul lent us the work truck to do the hauling, and we drove from Whole House down to the DMB builders offices. There the deck served as a makeshift bandstand for our rag-tag crew of rowdy misfits. Occupy Saltworks peep, Emily delivered an outstanding speech regarding economic, social, political, and environmental issues surrounding the proposed development. Lynn listed all of the species whose habitat would be ruined by paving yet another portion of the bay which should be restored as marshland. I (tried to) speak to Societies' need for a new housing paradigm, and invited all who were in attendance to help invent a new American Dream. Two Political candidates, Joseph Rosas and Sally Lieber, were also in attendance and both spoke to the corporate takeover of our government and cited the marriage of economic and political power as the cancer which is killing our democracy (cancer language paraphrased... death of our democracy obvious...) Our Groundbreaking Ceremony back in Feb was not attended by any clergy or political figures, it was a simple, unceremonious ordeal which involved a couple friends, some wandering strangers, an injury to my forehead, and Candace doing all the work while I lay there in an attempt to stop bleeding.    
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