We’re Raising the Walls Today!!

Barn Raising:

an event during which a community comes together to assemble a barn for one or more of its households (wikipedia.org)

Ok, since our structure is closer to 150 square feet, it’s more a RAISING of our TINY HOUSE than a barn. The walls are built & ready to be installed & we would like to share this experience (and some of the work load!) with our friends, family & extended community. We will be at Whole House Building Supply in San Mateo Monday & Tuesday from 11-6, ready to install the walls on top of the sub-floor & add a layer of sheathing that needs to be attached to the outside of the walls. All are welcome! Come to work OR just hang out & see what we're up to. There will be food & a video / slideshow of our experience as well as others who have lived-in / built a Tiny House. Stay Tuned!    
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