Barn Raising

BARN RAISING ~ WE HAVE WALLS!! A BIG thank you to EVERYONE who came out to share a hand in the raising of the Tiny House! It was wonderful to see it all come together, each one of you pitched in to make this a reality in just 2 days! We couldn't have done it without your help. Tousen Tak! (Norwegian for "A Thousand Thanks") The walls were fabricated in Candace's artists loft, so they had to be taken downstairs, across the warehouse, and erected on the back of the trailer. Maybe I am slightly neurotic as I weighed every section before installing it. This put my mind at rest though, as it is clear now that we will be well within our weight limits on this project. The barn raising started off slow and steady. Re-computer was converted into a social area/theatre where snacks were served and tiny house propaganda was streamed from the Internet. Participants embarked on several projects; A stairway was built, a window was glazed, hardware was sorted, and best of all our walls went up 🙂
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  1. sue kane says:

    The pictures are awesome!!!

    Congratulations on getting engaged!!!!!

  2. Mercedes says:

    I love these photos. It’s so great to see everyone working hard and having fun. It’s truly ‘the house that love built!’

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