Help Name our House :)

Help us to name the house!!
leave a comment below with a suggestion for a name.

Best Suggestions Will be Listed Below

Ellarsea – or L.R.C. for “Little Redwood Cabin”  – By Anonymous



8 Responses to Help Name our House :)

  1. Hannah Jean says:

    Rosealyn ~ How to say the name: (Rose-A-Lin)

    or Bella/Bello becuz in Italian Bello means beautiful!!

    And Bela means Beautiful in Esperanto

    or casa sana means healthy house in italian

    or……………………………HANNAH which is english for HANNAH

  2. Jesse says:

    How about the Castle Castle?

  3. Vikki Velkoff says:

    As you are building at Whole House Salvage yard and their website name is “driftwood salvage”, call it Driftwood.

    Plus, I noticed the photos of your beach construction using driftwood…

    If you decide to call it Driftwood, then try to incorporate some real driftwood in the design!

  4. Fanny says:

    The Canandermobile
    The Love Boat

  5. Elisa says:

    How about the Whimsy Wagon, Ponder Point or WonderingWoodShack.

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