Tiny Bit of Social Good

Here are some important stories from the tiny house movement which I feel have deep implications for those working to build a more sustainable future, and a more just economy. In Nashville, TN.  a "Sanctuary Camp" model project has reached a funding goal of 50k (but they should probably have extra for a legal defense fund) http://www.gofundme.com/HomelessVillage I am particularly impressed by the recent success of faith-based organizers in Eugene, Oregon to Open "Opportunity Village"  https://www.facebook.com/OpportunityVillageEugene In Madison, Wisconsin formerly homeless individuals are moving into their new homes as we speak! https://www.facebook.com/OMBuild Keep an eye on Shasta... Go for Vay-cation, Leave on Pro-bayshun http://shastahumanityproject.org/about-us.html I just finished reading, for the second time, Andrew Heban's "Tent City Urbanism" which is published by The Village Collaborative http://thevillagecollaborative.net/ and would love to lend it out to anybody interested in the subject.  http://www.tentcityurbanism.com/ I want to see something similar happen in the bay area and am willing to volunteer full time to help make it a reality. Unfortunately, I have no Idea what I am doing and I am my own boss so I am way open to help, and suggestions. - Aaron Castle

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