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Glamour + Camping = Almost Glamping ... "S + B" build and occupy a tiny house http://www.almostglamping.com/ If you were to buy a Tiny House ... you should buy it from Mitchell and Nicholette. If I had the money I would own this item. The roster of people involved in this Project from the custom fabrication of the trailer to the drafting of the Blueprints is noteworthy. The loving intentions with which this house was built, along with quality, consciousness, and ethical selection of materials ensures that this Tiny House will become an important piece of Architectural History. It also appears in a tiny house movie. http://www.ourtinyhome.us/ In a culture over-exhausted from consumerism and the constant grind of daily life, this Movement & the idea that we could do it too came as a great relief to both of us. We started to see that this is totally normal behavior! It's safe and legal and it is happening everywhere. Be the first one on your block to have one of these in your driveway! While living at the Eco-Village, I came across this video which became my Ah-ha moment. Thank you to Joanna & Collin for the inspiration to take the leap & learn to live with less! Http://www.jaynelsonart.com Founder of Shelter Publications, Lloyd Kahn, put together an incredible collection of people who are building tiny structures all across the country. His book, TINY HOMES Simple Structures, is filled with photos and stories of people creating small homes, artist studios & man caves using a wide range of materials, most of which are salvaged / recycled / re-purposed. Here is a long list of our favorites in order to give you an idea of what others are doing as well as proving that we are not the only two people crazy enough to build & live in a structure that is less than 200 sq/ft! http://www.shelterpub.com/ Sacramento dwelling heroes of down-sizing/simple living. READ THIS BLOG!! http://www.rowdykittens.com A pretty cool Texan. http://thefieldlab.blogspot.com/ How about a 100 square foot structure in the back yard? http://artists-shed.blogspot.com/ It's dutch for “Our Second Home” http://onstweedehuis.blogspot.com/ These are those things you see from the freeway in Petaluma http://www.littlehouseonthetrailer.com This is a good design for the future. http://www.toddmillerarchitecture.com/   The ProtoHaus: A tiny dwelling built upon collaboration. http://protohaus.moonfruit.com/#/about/4534267326   Wee Houses http://www.weehouses.com   Recently enjoyed some media exposure below. Http://www.reclaimedspace.com   Small House Innovation http://www.smallhouseinnovation.com   Cabana Village http://www.cabanavillage.com   Yard Pods... way nicer that that portable on demand storage. Http://www.yardpods.com   Montana Mobile Cabins http://www.montanamobilecabins.com   These Guys are probably going to make some money from the tiny house movement. (stock tip) Http://www.tuffshed.com   This could be a viable business http://www.homeplacestructures.com   Jamaica? Nope … America http://www.jamaicacottageshop.com   Spirit Elements http://www.spiritelements.com   Tortoise Shell Home http://www.tortoiseshellhome.com   Cabin Fever http://www.cabinfever.us.com   Turtleback Nomadics http://www.turtlebacknomadics.com   Keep Portland Weird www.smallhomeoregon.net   New England Shed and Barn www.neshed.com   Minnesota, Dontch know? Http://www.tinygreencabins.com   Canyon Classic Cabins http://www.cclogcabins.com   Nantucket Sheds http://www.nantucketsheds.com   Invaluable resource for developing our plans. Http://www.countryplans.com   I suspect these guys are smoking marijuana http://www.sunraykelley.com   Hobbit man of Wales http://www.simondale.net/house   A special thanks to the Cob Pioneers, and cob builders everywhere. Http://www.cobworks.com    

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