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Where do you park a Tiny House?

I just posted this to nextdoor.com . Do you think it will get flagged as inappropriate? Candace and I have lived in our Self-Built Tiny House on Wheels here in Friendly Acres for the Past Two Years, and I was … Continue reading

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The Tiny Housing Crisis pt. III

Seeking shelter is a basic animal drive, like eating. You have a natural built-in instinct to shelter yourself and if you were to wake one day in an unfamiliar landscape, you would find that you were actually quite skilled at … Continue reading

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The long awaited update… thank you for your patience

One of my biggest fears was that we’d finish the house and I would stop writing because I wouldn’t have the same push or motivation to share our latest building progress. I guess that fear manifested. So, here I am, … Continue reading

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The Tiny Housing Crisis: Part II

When people hear the phrase “economic security,” an immediate association is made of vast amounts of cash, or a bank account with 7 digits on the good side of the decimal. A million dollars isn’t what it used to be. … Continue reading

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Got a brand new window for the sleeping loft

What do you think? is it too over the top? Yep, but we don’t care. probably will take me 20 hours to install it. Update: The window was sold to our friend, a Professor of Sociology and finds a (hopefully) … Continue reading

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